Have you ever seen the shape of Sound?

Musica is a Photography Collection of Sound portraits, it breaks and goes
beyond the limits of human senses, showing what energy and soul lays beyond different sounds and songs. The photographs depict the vanishing and volatile self-sculptures carved out, by Music with its Chisels of notes, from an intangible block of flowing smoke.

Musica allows the audience to experience the energy of Sound via the sense of Sight, instead of the sense of Hearing.

Musica is the lightening spark of a fire of love that focuses on how, despite any potential limit, there is always a worth way to explore our past and future and to celebrate and enjoy art and life. In its natural metaphor and poem, it is the universal message that inspires you to go beyond your limits, to think out of the box and to be free to look at life the way your heart only can suggest you to.

“How does your favourite sound, voice or word look like?“