(2013 – ongoing)

‘In Re Quieta’ is a fine art photography collection which tells about my journey through different cultures , people and distant Worlds, yet united by love and passion for horses.

It focuses on the connection between Men and Horses, and on what surrounds it all. For millemniums, thousands of candid emotions, chapters of history, solemn celebrations, everyday joy and tears have bonded man and horse’s lives, in the blossom of one of the sweetest romance on Earth.

Mutual unconditional trust and loads of passion rule this dangerously romantic and untamed relationship, where only the kindness of wishpers and caresses can dominate the great strength.

When the relationship is lived at full, man and horse become just one essence, described already by the Greek Mythology as ‘The Centaurus’, half-man and half-horse. This dualism gives life to love and struggle, dreams and threaten, calm and adrenaline.

The Romans could have decribed, in Latin language, the effects of this swing of opposite feelings of Man and Horse together, as passing from an “In  Re  Quieta” experience (“the calm”) suddently to an “InReQuieta” experience (‘the restlessness’), clearly depicting this constantly unstable balance of life energies.

When the synergy between men and horses happens, the strength and impetuousness of the instinct are mitigated by the rational bridle and the imperious liberty is exalted by the intellectual strength.

“In Re Quieta” is a photography collection that tells stories from reckless and dusty unofficial horseraces in the Sardinian countryside to the most elegant and prestigious racecourses around the World. Focusing on the essence of this relationship and on what surrounds this primordial friendship with the most elegant, faithful, beautiful and unpredictable friend a man can have.

In Re Quieta was published, awarded and exhibited worldwide and its limited editions artworks are part of prestigious private Art Collections all over the World.